Coconuts are the fruits that keep on giving – the mighty coconut water is one of nature’s greatest sources of hydration, and a versatile ingredient in the kitchen! It can be an ingredient in countless recipes, letting you get 100% more out of 100 Coconuts! Get creative replacing water or milk with coconut water in your favorite recipes. Cooking is about to get healthier and yummier!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Smoothies!
    Swap water for 100 Coconuts as a base and go smoothie-crazy! Mix with berries, bananas, spirulina, collagen – if it can be named, it can be made! Go wild and top it off with some Goji berries!
  2. Ahhhhh-Açai bowls!
    Incredibly easy to make and easy to go all-out with aesthetics – just grab some frozen açai, add half a banana (optional) or some frozen pineapple chunks and mix it all up with 100 Coconuts. Top it off with any preferred toppings – granola, flax seed, chia, nuts, or fruit pieces – and enjoy!
  3. Rice
    Want to get more out of plain old rice? Just add (coconut) water! By adding coconut water into any rice dish, anyone can find an incredibly easy way to add richness, depth, and flavor. Use 100 Coconuts for a much more delicious, fluffy meal. Goes great with any preferred curry dishes too!
  4. Coffee
    We’re about to give you an idea that will fuel and hydrate you at the same time! Top up regular coffee with coconut water for an added wake-up call that’s not only naturally sweet, but extremely hydrating! Boost that hydration further and add the coconut water with some ice to make some coconut water iced coffee, upping the water content that melts into the mix.
  5. Coconut chicken
    An absolute favorite among many, just braise chicken in coconut water until it cooks tender and decide to fry it, bake it, or broil it! Pair the chicken with a side of rice for a full plate and a full stomach!

Keeping it 100, the simple answer is “Anything that water does, coconut water can do better.” More coconut water means more choices, more flavors, more life, and more good times in the kitchen. Here’s to better recipes, healthier days, and yummier food.