ExpoWest is back and 100 Coconuts made the best of the show! Over 2,600 exhibitors and more than 57,000 registered attendees met in Anaheim, California for the largest trade show in the CPG industry. 100 made sure to stand out with a Natural hydration product that is as amazing on the inside as it is on the outside. If you weren’t able to attend or just want to refresh your memory, here are 4 take aways from our product at the show:?

  1. All Natural Hydration: We would love to take credit, but coconut water is nature’s wonder, we just make sure to pick the best coconuts in the whole wide world. Full of naturally occurring electrolytes, B Vitamins, and minerals. Naturally sweet and superior profile taste 100 Coconuts stood out for the quality of its product.
  2. Product Innovation and Relaunching : We had News! Our trooper, PURE Coconut water SKU has paved the way for the new delicious flavors coming up! +Mango and +Pineapple are ready to hit the shelves and your isles and fridge will be looking as good as you’ll be feeling when staying hydrated. We announced our highly awaited PURE coconut water +Tequila will be back and ready for summer!
  3. POP store support reveal: ExpoWest was a great opportunity to reveal new additional marketing tools to support our retail partners and C Store partners as we continue to expand distribution and open new doors. From wobblers, to clings, to POP’s and end caps, we are ready!
  4. The brand and design: We are a lifestyle brand that aims to go far beyond an amazing product. We are building brand awareness, and our colors and logo were recognizable at the show. Our brand translates the authenticity we stand behind and attendees at the show were able to connect to the product and the people behind it.
And of course, a shoutout to THE team at 100 Coconuts. With boots on the ground, they all came out to represent to the highest of standards at the show, and took over from setting up booth to closing deals with love for the brand. The key to a successful ExpoWest is not only having a killer product innovation, but having a team with the right energy and drive to build and consolidate relationships with strategic partners.